“I switched to Cristall Opticians ten years ago and I would never go back to my old vision provider. The friendly staff makes me feel at home whenever I walk in the door.”
— Craig Stevens
“I always struggled to find glasses at boutiques with a small selection of frames. When I walked into Cristall Opticians I was blown away by their wall to wall selection of frames.”
— Samantha Johanson
“If you haven’t come to Cristall Opticians yet you need too. Glasses are sometimes the forgotten accessory. The staff helped me pick out a beautiful new pair of Etnia’s that helped re-invent my whole image. I feel like a brand new person.
— Jayme Boyd
“Cristall Opticians is more than an eyeglass store. The excellent service and beautiful selection of frames are only the tip of the iceberg. At Cristall Opticians they go the extra mile. They helped me pick out a beautiful frame, booked me an eye exam and even fitted me with contacts!”
— Terrance Howard